Taking JomSocial for a Test Drive

Yesterday we installed a trial version of JomSocial, and today made it available to a select group of testers (n=25), as the basis for a "Evanston Business & Technology Community."

Initial observations:

  1. The initial install went smoothly, except that our blogs became disabled (horrors!). (The blog module is MyBlog, supplied by Azrul, as is JomSocial.) As a correction, we had to uninstall the plugin "Azrul.com System Mambot" and reinstall MyBlog
  2. As expected, we had to spend some time to adjust our standard site template to accomodate the page layout of the JomSocial pages. (Our site layout is somewhat non-standard, using a narrow center section.
  3. JomSocial relies on the "user" section of the core Joomla CMS for its member roster.
  4. Internal users were immediately able to set up profiles and initiate groups.
  5. Within 1/2 hour of initial invitation, a half-dozen additional users had set up profiles, begun friending people, etc. Those users were given no instructions other than the URL. (All of them are seasoned Facebook users.)

Within 1-2 days, we will publicize the link to a larger of group of testers (n=250). We will keep you posted on results.

The "Evanston Business & Technology Community" will be an open community, and, assuming initial user experience continues to be smooth, we will publicize the link in 3 or 4 days.

Stay tuned!

In the weeks and months ahead, we at Arc expect to be actively engaged in helping our clients put JomSocial to work for them! (Do you want to be one of them?)

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