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Mobile is a main feature of all Joomla 3 releases. For over a year and half Joomla has been upgrading its core mobile functionality including the latest release Joomla 3.3.0 (released April 30, 2014). Joomla is still the first open source content management system geared toward mobile website design and development. Joomla provides built-in jQuery and Bootstrap support for creating phenomenal websites and web applications that support your customers from their desktops to their mobile phones. While other systems struggle with integrating the technology, Joomla mastered mobile and responsive design and development over 1.5 years ago.

What does this mean for you? First, mobile web usage is skyrocketing, up over 18% from February 2013 through December 2013. According to comScore 64% of the digital market is accessed by a multi-platform or purely mobile audience. Second, customers need consistent experience across all platforms for comfort. Third, websites need to be responsive to their users’ web habits or risk losing them.

Data Courtesy comScore

Responsive design and development solve most of the problems regarding platform display. Joomla comes standard with the powerful Twitter Bootstrap framework for enabling mobile design. However, technology is not the only piece of the solution. CMS solution providers need to understand that mobile and desktop users have different levels of expectation when viewing your website. Mobile users are much more task oriented and less likely to browse. Contact information, maps, forms, and ecommerce options should be front and center. Additionally, solutions should take advantage of mobile platform enhancements whenever possible. One example is the iOS Safari Reader button which makes it easier and clearer to view your site’s content. Below are examples of successfully integrating technology to create a positive experience on a mobile device from Arc and Microsoft.

Arc on iPhone with Reader

Microsoft on iPhone with Reader

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We wanted to also make you aware of the upcoming Joomla conference J and Beyond (@jandbeyond) in Germany. For three days from May 30 - June 1, the world will be exploring the present and the future of Joomla. Robert Jacobi of Arc Technology Group will be presenting Joomla and the Enterprise. We look forward to seeing you there and if you can't make it, follow us on twitter (@arctg) for the latest conference updates.

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