Joomla, the Leading Force in the Enterprise

There are many open source and proprietary systems fighting it out to be known as THE enterprise platform. Luckily we have many choices with both pros and cons! Enterprise needs, at a high level, revolve around stability, flexibility, and cost.

Joomla competes as a platform and CMS in the enterprise against other industry vendors. The most common are Ektron, Sitecore, Adobe, TeamSite, Oracle, and Acquia. Forrest Wave research says regarding digital experience (DX), “Open source is appealing more to enterprises. Open source solutions abound in the WCM (web content management) world. … (Clients) that are looking for a lower initial investment or need to extensively customize will want to consider it. … the open source world includes other solutions … that are community-based, such as Joomla and Plone.”


As we mentioned in Joomla Scaling in the Cloud, Joomla powers more than 8% of the world’s top 1,000,000 websites as measured by traffic and more than 3.2% of the entire internet. The BJP (winners of this week’s elections in India) are a great example of enterprise Joomla scalability and flexibility, receiving millions of visitors in the last 30 days. The BJP has been using Joomla for over four years with great success.

We have found Joomla is the most mobile, most scalable, and most flexible open source content management system in the market. Some of the benefits of Joomla include:

  1. Joomla supports databases: MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and more
  2. Joomla has included native support for multi-language sites for years
  3. Joomla has the largest CMS developer community, largest global adoption, largest extension capabilities, and the largest overall community

For you, the stability of the most expert and large web content management system (WCM) community is at your finger tips. From a technology perspective, Joomla is the most stable regarding backwards compatibility and migration to the newest features. No need to 100% rebuild and re-architect your web presence unlike other WCMs or wait until their next version for features like mobile and multi-language support.

For the most flexible, most supported, most mobile, most global content management system, it is clear to many businesses and us that Joomla is not only the best enterprise system from an IT perspective but also from a return on investment.

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We wanted to also make you aware of the upcoming Joomla conference J and Beyond (@jandbeyond) in Germany. For three days from May 30 - June 1, the world will be exploring the present and the future of Joomla. Robert Jacobi of Arc Technology Group will be presenting Joomla and the Enterprise. We look forward to seeing you there and if you can't make it, follow us on twitter (@arctg) for the latest conference updates.

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