Joomla and the World, JAB 2014 Recap, Part I

J and Beyond 2014

J and Beyond 2014 (#JAB14) has concluded after three days of community and technology activity beyond compare! JAB14 was held at KTC Königstein near Frankfurt Germany and drew over 200 people from across the globe to learn about today’s Joomla, successes using Joomla, and how to drive Joomla forward as the leading open source web content management system.

In Joomla and the World we will cover the community and business that flows from Joomla. The theme of JAB14 was Investment, investments that are paying off and investing in the future.

Opening Keynote J and Beyond 2014

Consultants from around the world, showed off their solutions and how their investments were paying off. From corporate auction platforms in the United States, to million member government projects in Germany, it is clear that Joomla is a growing future platform of enterprise applications. These projects do not rely solely on Joomla, they also integrated with proprietary and complex systems to save development costs and increase speed to deployment.

Closing Audience J and Beyond 2014

The strongest open source CMS community also came together to continue expansion into internationalization (which Joomla started almost 10 years ago)! Ongoing native language support as well as internationalization were key items during the second day Make It Happen sessions.

Closing Keynote J and Beyond 2014

Inspiring keynotes for growing the community also came from Investing in Joomla! Pays Off, Lorna Jane Mitchell, Brian Teeman,Your Open Source Persona, and David HurleyWhat’s Your Next Investment?

Arc’s Robert Jacobi presented on Joomla, Right for the Enterprise to a packed audience interested in learning how to bring enterprise best practices to their own projects.

For the most flexible, most supported, most mobile, most global content management system, it is clear from around the world that Joomla is the best enterprise system from a community and ROI perspective.

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