The World and Joomla, JAB 2014 Recap, Part II

J and Beyond 2014

In our second installment on J and Beyond 2014 (#JAB14), held in Germany, we wanted to share with you short-term improvements that will benefit you and long-tern goals that will enhance your ability to navigate Joomla and expand what you can do functionally with new features.

Joomla is two actual projects, Joomla Framework and Joomla CMS. The goal of the framework is provide a development environment with standalone packages to work not only with Joomla CMS but be reusable in other projects. As an example Joomla packages will be able to be used in Drupal. This flexibility will broaden the user base for Joomla and create new ways for Joomla to maintain its market leadership position.

Opening Keynote J and Beyond 2014

In addition the these details below, we thought it would be beneficial to put all of this information in a one page downloadable PDF so that you could keep it for future reference. Download Joomla Roadmap June 2014.

Joomla Framework

  1. Joomla Platform is officially Joomla Framework
  2. Standalone Packages
  3. Not just for Joomla developers
  4. Reusable Packages, i.e. Drupal can use Joomla Framework packages

Joomla Community Progress

  1. Improved Documentation
  2. Greater Language Support
  3. Increased Accessibility

New Release Strategy

  1. Every release is stable (no long differences between short-term and long-term releases)
  2. Every major version (3.x, 4.x, etc.) will have a minimum four year lifespan
  3. Joomla is moving to semantic versioning
    1. MAJOR versions occur when there are incompatible API changes
    2. MINOR versions occur when new backwards-compatible functionality is added
    3. PATCH versions occur when backwards-compatible bug fixes are made
  4. New Joomla Roadmap
  5. Version Date Key Features/Improvements
    Joomla 3.4 July 2014 Improved Microdata
    Frontend Module Editor
    Composer Integration
    Decouple com_weblinks
  6. lighter core
  7. more flexible install
  8. more flexible updates
  9. Joomla 3.6 November 2014 Improved Multi-lingual support
    Joomla 3.6 February 2015 Move Bootstrap to compatibility layer to allow different frameworks
    Joomla 3.5 September 2014 Greater decoupling of core extensions
    Move sample data to post install


  1. Long-term stability
  2. New feature predictability
  3. Smoother transitions between major updates built in Joomla core
  4. Every major version (3.x, 4.x, etc.) will have a minimum four year lifespan
  5. Every minor release supported for two years

Select videos from the conference available on the Arc YouTube Channel as well as the JAB channel.

For the most flexible, most supported, most mobile, most global content management system, it is clear from around the world that Joomla is the best enterprise system from a community and ROI perspective.

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