2014 Summer of Joomla! Comes Early

Joomla! has an incredible summer coming up with robust technology releases, and events. Versions 3.4 and 3.5 will be making ongoing updates to create a smaller core, as well as simplifying the install process. The benefits are faster installation, greater security, and improved usage. These two versions of Joomla (to be released in July and September), will move core extensions to an as-needed part of installation along with sample data being a post-install option. A lighter-core allows end-users to pick and choose only the functionality they really need or substitute core extensions with 3rd party extensions. This is a great sign of the Joomla community’s maturity, and only possible because of a such a large, sophisticated and professional community.

2014 Summer of Joomla

If you’re planning on traveling, here is a list of events that hopefully you can mix business with pleasure:

  1. JoomlaDay Russia (June 26)
  2. JoomlaDay Mexico City (July 17)
  3. JoomlaDay Minnesota (July 19)
  4. Joomla! Developer Conference (August 7 - 8)
  5. JoomlaDay Chicago(August 9)
  6. JoomlaDay Lomé (August 15)
  7. JoomlaDay Kenya (September 5)

By the end of the summer, Joomla users, administrators, and developers can expect their experience to be improved.

The Joomla community will be very active and even more cohesive and integrated from the events occurring during this summer. This will lead for greater information sharing, actionable features and functionality, and more details for future releases. All of these happenings will help Joomla maintain its leadership position in the open source community.

For the most flexible, most supported, most mobile, most global content management system, it is clear from around the world that Joomla is the best enterprise system from a community and ROI perspective.

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