Are you doing these three things for your new or updated website?

  1. Mobile First



The internet is rapidly becoming dominated by mobile usage. When we speak about Mobile First, we emphasize that applications and websites should be first and foremost developed from the perspective of mobile phones, then tablets, and finally laptops/desktops. Key information and results that are critical for your business, need to be front and center. Websites and applications need to account for slower bandwidth through optimizing code, media, and database access. An information architecture around optimized performance and content needs to be thought out to be successful. Using architecture and tools that maximize mobile potential: responsive design, Twitter Bootstrap, Joomla CMS will help you succeed.

  1. Event Tracking


Everyone believes and follows through on search engine optimization (SEO) these days but are you aware that you may be missing on key data by only using Google Adwords (or other services) just for page views and visitors? In our data driven and mobile business environment it is key to take advantage of event based metrics. Interactive websites and applications rely more and more on dynamic pages with many more user generated actions that may not take a user to a brand new page. Event tracking functionality is built into most analytics tools and helps you take advantage of actions (clicks/drags/drops) within a single web page.

  2. Content Management

    The ability to manage your content (text, audio, video, document) is the core of successful enterprises which deploy websites and web applications. The relationship between IT and marketing/other business unites, can only be successful if everyone is one the same page (literally and technically). Successful projects have an engaged IT team that understand business needs and exposes workflow and process functionality through a content management system to enable those units to focus on their goals. Teamwork here is a WIN WIN.

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