Win Your Website Marathon

Win Your Website Marathon

On Sunday October 12th, Chicago held its annual marathon, one of the best and fastest races in the world. While the day-to-day managing of your website doesn't involve putting feet to pavement, it does take thousands of steps to succeed. We see this in successful websites. Thousands of steps to create design, architecture, and implement code. There are critical and significant milestones, like every 5k in a marathon, that we find are key to creating successful websites.

Like training for a marathon there is immense preparation:

  1. Setting business goals
  2. Understanding the business
  3. Visualizing workflow

At Arc, we train by visiting with our clients, speaking with stakeholders, and learning what makes our clients successful. The end product is encapsulated with rigorous documentation.

  1. Functional requirements
  2. Technical requirements
  3. Use cases

The next phase of our marathon is implementation. From graphic design to architecture through development we keep our focus on the preparation and the goal. During most of this race we concentrate on documentation.

  1. Database driven architecture
  2. Iterative design process
  3. Agile development practice

While running the race we constantly review our milestones for time and cost. We stay within our preparation.

As the finish line approaches we prepare for the post race rehab. Water, bananas, and bagels, while healthy, are not enough for a successful website. We work with our clients to have a strategy from rehab to staying in shape through building for the next run.

  1. Content scheduling
  2. Technical maintenance
  3. Future proofing

While making sure content and maintenance upkeep occur may seem basic, ensuring a plan is in place before issues arise after launch is critical. More importantly is future proofing. Constant communication with clients and understanding tomorrow's landscape is critical.

  1. Search engine updates
  2. Social media enhancements
  3. Mobile and new device functionality

Having this plan in place will help you succeed with your business goals and keep running ahead of your competition.

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