Technology Tricks & Treats

It's been an exciting week leading up to Halloween! We've uncovered a number of tricks and treats for you. Great announcements from CMS Critic, a coupon for Joomla World Conference, critical news for sites utilizing Drupal, and a bit of payment processing nonsense.


CMS Critic announced that Joomla is the winner of the 2014 People's Choice CMS Award for Best Open Source PHP CMS. This is a fantastic recognition of for the most powerful and user friendly CMS, Joomla. Read more at CMS Critic.

HTML5 is for all intents and purposes an official W3C standard. This is great news for standardized media and animation content for your website. You can now take advantage of the latest media deployment options across all browsers that support HTML5 - stream your movies and audio to drive customer satisfaction and revenue.

Don't forget that Joomla World Conference is upon us (November 7 - 9), as a treat use coupon code ARCTG for $150 off of registration.


If you haven't heard, CVS and RiteAid disabled near-field communication (NFC) transactions because NFC system transactions were actually being utilized more than ever courtesy of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Read about the "alternative" at the Washington Post.

The worst trick of the season is a critical and malicious security error in Drupal 7, so bad that headlines include "Assume Every Drupal 7 Site Was Compromised’ Unless Patched By Oct. 15."


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