Joomla World Conference 2014 - A Spectacle of Brilliance

Joomla World Conference 2014 - A Spectacle of Brilliance

We just returned from the 2014 Joomla World Conference and what a brilliant experience. The community is energized, vibrant, and full of excitement for the future of Joomla. Arc sponsored the 2014 conference in Cancun and we are thrilled with the turnout and activity in the commercial and business spaces, in the integrator and developers spaces. Our favorite take-aways focus on the community and technology.

First, the Joomla technology platform is incredibly strong. Joomla has committed to the Joomla 3 stack and will expand as well as maintain compatibility of millions of websites for the foreseeable future. This is exciting news for the development community and more importantly you can depend on a growing extension base and deep support for your enterprise and other standalone websites.

Second, the Joomla community is stronger than ever. With hundreds of attendees from all corners of the world, we are so pleased to see that Joomla is being adopted by Americans North and South, Europeans, and nations in Africa and Asia. Joomla is a truly global platform with unparalleled reach. This was most evident with the conference kickoff addressing internationalization. Joomla has the strongest (and growing) international development presense. Translations in tens of languages help make Joomla the most accessible web content management system in the world.

Finally, Joomla is growing professionally. The integrator and business space is making leaps and bounds with 3rd party support from many consulting firms as well as traditional enterprise vendors. As an example of 3rd party support, Microsoft and Arc presented scaling Joomla in the enterprise. This session was incredibly well received as attendees saw how easily they could build incredibly robust and scalable websites that provide the support and security expected by the enterprise.

We're looking forward to all the Joomla events in coming year leading up to Joomla World conference 2015. Next year should be a very exciting as it will be the 10th anniversary of Joomla's launch.

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