Arc Technology Group Provides Flexible, Scalable Solutions with Joomla, Microsoft Azure

Arc Technology Group Provides Flexible, Scalable Solutions with Joomla, Microsoft Azure


Arc Technology Group is Chicago’s leading Joomla development company combining responsive design with mobile and web development. Joomla is the second largest content management system on the internet, with more than 50 million downloads. They have built their business by helping companies manage their digital content. By selling integrated Joomla and Microsoft Azure solutions, Arc has been able to engage with businesses and customers from around the world. Arc’s customers span from Fortune 50 companies to start-ups.

Business Needs

Arc was founded in 2000 to develop and deploy custom content management solutions. They help companies scale development efforts quickly and cost effectively. Arc began working with the Microsoft Open Technologies team in San Francisco in 2010.

The company developed an integrated Joomla and Microsoft Azure customer content management solution. To provide a consistent user experience, they created a process and system agnostic support tools that could utilize any customer’s operating system, database, and technologies at scale.

Arc has created a best of breed solution by integrating Joomla and Microsoft Azure.

To realize their goal, they needed to:

  1. Enable cloud-based open source content management platforms including Joomla, Drupal and WordPress
  2. Create an easy-to-manage solution that could quickly organize content for customers
  3. Build a backend infrastructure that could store user data and assets


Arc IT environment includes Linux, iOS, and Windows operating systems. They needed a solution that worked on all of these platforms. They chose Microsoft Azure for three reasons:

  1. Ability to integrate with PHP-based web servers
  2. Ability to integrate existing cloud platform with database frameworks
  3. Confidence in Microsoft’s vision and ability to deliver seamless support and a flexible, scalable and robust cloud infrastructure as Arc’s products matured

Microsoft Azure’s tools allow Arc to provide scalable solutions to businesses of any size while providing flexibility to meet customer needs. On the client side, they use Azure Managed Cache Services and SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Traffic Manager, and Azure SQL Database. Azure MySQL service is delivered by ClearDB.

“Other cloud providers simply didn’t have the type of architecture that Microsoft provides and our customers need,” says Robert Jacobi, President of Arc.

By integrating their services with Microsoft Azure, Arc significantly reduced project startup and ongoing maintenance for their clients.

“With the platform agnostic capabilities of Azure, we can pursue clients regardless of their platform,” says Jacobi. “Now our marketing efforts and sales people don’t have to worry about initial blockers or added costs. We can focus on the process of helping our clients’ provide professional, consistent, and easy-to-use content on any device.”

This flexibility meant that Arc could adapt quickly to a variety of customer scenarios and use cases. With Joomla and Microsoft Azure, Arc and its customers have access to a global and distributed infrastructure to build and sell their web applications.


Microsoft Azure provided a scalable, cloud-based platform that streamlined development and delivery processes in their pre-existing open source infrastructure. Partnered with Joomla, Microsoft Azure allows Arc to build best-in-class content management solutions for customers globally.

Flexible development

Microsoft Azure allows Arc to easily scale service offerings and provides them with enterprise-quality tools that work with a variety of open source technologies.

Robert Jacobi says, that “because of Azure, Arc continues to utilize common web technologies and open source platforms including PHP, MySQL, and more in an environment that is flexible for all types of companies.”

The wide range of apps and code-authoring toolsets, including many that are traditionally used on non-Microsoft delivery platforms that come standard with Microsoft Azure was a key differentiator.

Developer-friendly design

Azure Websites enables Arc’s developers to use their pre-existing IT skills to create new services. By working on a platform that was familiar to their developers, they were able to code faster, meet varying customer needs and take advantage of cloud technologies without additional training. Arc’s leadership team was able to focus more time on developing and perfecting their services.

Business-class service

Arc was able to streamline the development and deployment of their services with Microsoft Azure.

“With Microsoft Azure, we have a service that lets anyone easily get started with the cloud,” said Jacobi.

Arc provided Joomla and Microsoft Azure integration for Hilco Industrial – an international machinery and equipment monetization company. Hilco Industrial realized a 15% cost reduction per year by creating a platform that allows users to visualize, track and integrate bidding on assets during their auctions.

Arc plans to use more of Microsoft Azure’s capabilities as they continue to evolve their services to deliver better expanded solutions to their customers.

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