Site Updates and Content Management

While we all come across sites that are being updated with content, features, and infrastructure (Apple's "We'll Be Back Soon" sticker is a consistent example), sometimes for a site where this doesn't normally happen frustration can quickly build. Today's example is Nike+ Running. This is a sub site of Nike for their Nike+ run tracking tools (which are fun and useful and which our office of many runners utilizes). Nike+ Running has been undergoing system upgrades for a better part of the day with this message:

"We are performing system upgrades to make Nike+ even better. Please check back in a few hours."

This is a giant graphic image. What? With proper content management tools and practices one should be able to deploy that message with clarity and precision as opposed to the current stop-gap.

Here's a screen capture of the outage:

Nike Site Outage

Our recommendations include:

  1. Text for easier readability and cross browser/platform support (the mobile version shows the login screen and fails on all logins)
  2. Responsive template to assist with the text
  3. Geolocation
  4. Useful action item, for example a redirect to the Nike store

Hope some of these points help you when you upgrade your site.

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