ArcInTouch Email Marketing Campaigns

Arc Technology Group's ArcInTouch Email lets you personalize, customize and segment your electronic communications with your customers. Newsletters, email marketing campaigns, and promotions can be tailored to individual members of your mailing list and the results tracked.

ArcInTouch email is an upgrade from old listserv technology with the following special features:

  1. Tracking - Not only can you see what percentage of recipients opened their message, you can see who opened it. Want to drill down further? ArcInTouch lets you see how many times a recipent has opened an email.
  2. Personalization - Use our custom tags to insert your customer data into email.
  3. Scheduled Sends - Do you have a standard message that needs to go out at specific intervals? Perhaps to a varying and segmented group? Set up the rules once, and let it run.

Of course, ArcInTouch covers the basic things you'd expect from a managed email solution: automated subscribe and unsubscribe, bounce processing, and CAN-SPAM compliance.

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