Healthcare Information and Learning

Arc Technology Group helps firms and organizations in the healthcare fields with the enormous information management and learning challenges they face.

Arc's web development services focus on providing custom web-based database-driven applications for document management.

Other applications include Flash based CDROMs and corporate websites.

Case Study: Abbott Labs

Arc brings a set of capabilities that is a perfect fit for the needs of clients like Abbott Labs in the pharmaceutical and medical device space. In particular, we excel at helping clients manage a huge array of documents, from a wide variety of sources, involving minute detail, while meeting regulatory compliance needs.

To meet these needs, our team combines:

in graphic design, extremely user-centered and user-friendly applications

in data architecture, extreme fluency in schema design

in project management, patience with the complex administrative processes touching the information

at every stage of implementation, obsessive attention to detail

As in so many healthcare and medical projects, Arc's database expertise comes into play as more and more users favor keyword search as a way to access information fast.

We've been gratified by the high level of approval our work has gotten at Abbott, and look forward to doing more work in the future with them, as well as with other firms with similarly demanding needs.

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Additional Clients: Healthcare Information & Learning

Examples of other Arc clients in healthcare information and learning include:

  1. Neuronautics
  2. Eli Lilly
  3. Whole Health America

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