Publishing, Associations, & Non-Profits

Arc Technology Group has extensive experience supporting the web needs of publishers and arts groups, which both tend to have a steady stream of new content that requires a high quality content management system (CMS).

In fact, to meet the heavy content management system (CMS) needs of these clients, Arc developed its own content management system (CMS) -- under the name "Dojo" -- several years back. Eventually, our intense attention to this area led us to support the Joomla content management system (CMS) platform.

Arc also helps these clients by providing the subscription, display advertising, and email marketing functionality they need. As their needs evolve, we are often able to apply commercially-available extensions to these clients' Joomla sites.

Case Study: Private Equity Professional (PEP Digest)

PEP Digest is a perfect example of how Arc has been able to bring a content management system (CMS) for web publishing to the service of a web publisher.

PEP Digest is a new service, based in Evanston, that publishes a highly-specialized body of information directed at the unique needs of professionals in the private equity field.

PEP Digest came to us with a very specific set of needs: they needed a site that could be easily updated daily . . . with a subset of content viewable only by paying subscribers . . . and so the site needed to accept subscriptions and link to a payment portal (PayPal) . . . and the site also needed to support display advertising . . . .

Arc was able to get PEP Digest up and running quickly with a beautiful Joomla-based content management (CMS) website, based on simple modification to a standard template. The vast majority of the updates to the site are handled by PEP Digest itself. Arc is there for support on the rare occasions when it is needed.

To complement the site, PEP Digest also needed an e-mail management service. Arc provided them with ArcInTouch, with which they reach about 15,000 professionals with daily email blast updates.

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Additional Clients: Publishing, Associations, & Non-Profits

Examples of other Arc clients for content management systems (CMS) and related applications in the publishing, association, and non-profit fields include:

  1. Homeland Security Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (HSIEC)
  2. MIT Enterprise Forum

Over the years, Arc has provided content management systems (CMS) and web development to a wide range of other organizations in the publishing, association, and non-profit fields, including:

  1. City of Chicago, Mayor's Council of Technology Advisors
  2. City of Evanston, Arts Evanston
  3. Evanston Technology Foundation (ETF)
  4. Evanston Technology Innovation Center
  5. The Field Museum
  6. Fraction Workspace
  7. Northwestern University, Center for Women Entrepreneurs in Technology (CWET)
  8. Northwestern University, School of Communication - Master of Science in Communication, Managerial Program
  9. University of Chicago, Illinois Technology Enterprise Center (ITEC Argonne)
  10. United States Printed Circuit Alliance (USPCA)
  11. Women Advancing Bioscience (WABio)

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